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Local and foreign varieties, specially suited to our soil, give rise to our particular Coloma wines. They are mostly red wines of great personality, colour, body and attractive aroma. All our references are part of a limited and numbered production.

Some wines should be drunk while they are young, recently made, at the peak of their freshness, being fruity and delicate young wines like our references “Coloma Tradición” and “Coloma Vanguardia”.

Other wines need to be touched by time and wood. These are elegant and complex wines, aged in oak barrels. We called this type of wine “Torre Bermeja”, like the tower in which they are settled.

And of course, there is an exception to every rule, a caprice of Nature, our “Coloma Selección”, made from carefully selected and hand-picked grapes from exceptional harvests.

Our wines are produced and bottled in the estate as a guarantee of their quality and origin.

  • Coloma Cuvée

    Coloma Cuvée

    科洛玛酒庄 2018年 库贝 红葡萄酒 葡萄种类: 从我们葡萄园采收的Garnacha, Syrah 和 Caberne Continue Reading...

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  • 科洛玛穆斯卡黛


    葡萄种类: 来自我们葡萄庄园的100% Muscat 说明: 轻盈的酒体, 入口是新鲜的水蜜桃,柑橘,百香果等水果风味. Continue Reading...

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  • Coloma Rosado Pinot Noir

    Coloma Rosado Pinot Noir

    科洛玛 黑皮诺粉红葡萄酒 葡萄种类: 百分之百从我们葡萄园出产的皮诺诺尔(PINOT NOIR)葡萄品种 制作方法: 基 Continue Reading...

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  • Coloma Tinto Cosecha

    Coloma Tinto Cosecha

    科洛玛奥哈佳纳帢 葡萄种类: 从我们栽种的葡萄园地里出产的百分之百的 奥哈佳纳恰 (Garnacha Roja)葡萄品种 Continue Reading...

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  • Coloma Garnacha Selección

    Coloma Garnacha Selección

    科洛玛 严选. 格纳希.丁豆雷拉 葡萄种类: 从我们栽种51年的葡萄园地里出产的百分之百 格纳希.丁豆雷拉 (Garna Continue Reading...

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  • Coloma Graciano Selección

    Coloma Graciano Selección

    科洛玛 严选.嘉西诺 葡萄种类: 来自我们葡萄庄园的100% Graciano 制作方法: 城堡百美佳红葡萄酒从1978 Continue Reading...

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  • Coloma Merlot Selección

    Coloma Merlot Selección

    首选科洛玛美洛 葡萄种类: 百分之百 从我们的葡萄园晚采收的 Merlot 制作方法: 只有在最棒的天气下我们才开始制作 Continue Reading...

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  • Finca El Colmenar

    Finca El Colmenar

    Varietals: The best performing grape varieties from the esta Continue Reading...

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