Our viticultural heritage.

Located in Extremadura, south-western Spain, we are in a bountiful land with a great wealth of environmental resources and gastronomical richness such as Iberico meat.
Undoubtedly, our biggest assets: fertile lands, with a mean average temperature of 17C, 400-600 mm3 of annual rain accumulation and plentiful, generous sunshine all year round allow us to be the natural food basket of Spain and Europe.

Our vineyard lies on the “RAYA” the stripe area that defines one of the oldest borders in the world.

Nevertheless, “Lusitanian vineyards” do not know about borders. They grow on both sides of Guadiana, a river that separates them and at the same time joins them together to form a single region.

On stony and well-drained soil, the grapes grown on this vineyard develop high quality and reach great potential, giving rise to wines that exhibit an exceptional personality and style.

Our aim to preserve the natural diversity of our vines in order to best challenge climate change.

Como yo nadie te amará. El amor verdadero es puro y auténtico cada día, disfruta con Vino siempre.


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