The Winery

Cutting edge technology and the environmentally friendly design of our facilities, in harmony with their surroundings evokes our concern regarding nature.

Built with granite and covered by climbing vines, our Castle cellar is originally named Torre Bermeja (Red Turret), due to its reddish-looking tower. The castle is surrounded with vineyards and centenary olive trees.

Our commitment:

This noble vocation has been kept over the years thanks to efforts of three generations. This makes up a perfect and harmonised past and future of wine, the integration of Man and Nature.

Being  personally involved in every single stage of the wine making process, we proudly keep working on what we love.

– Amelia is responsible for Vineyard and Winery.

– Helena handles the management and commercial work.

– Felix is in charge of the export activities.

The Winemaker

All our wines are personally crafted by our winemaker, Amelia Coloma. Besides her experience and palate for designing genuine creations we add her unique intuition and talent for selecting the best grapes. As a result, Amelia produces exclusive wines with her personal touch.

She has always shown a special vocation, skill and aptitude for vine caring.

Enormously creative and accurate, Amelia takes personal care of each wine, in every single stage of its development, from the bunch to our tables.

For Amelia, each wine is a unique piece of art, the art of painting colours, extracting aromas and rounding textures with the sense and wisdom that only few winemakers have.

The result of a lifetime of dedication..

Como yo nadie te amará. El amor verdadero es puro y auténtico cada día, disfruta con Vino siempre.


Please do not enter this site if you do not have the legal age to consume alcohol.