www.jancisrobinson.com  is considered the most important and decisive publication in the wine sector of the UK – together with Decanter- and among the most influential worldwide together with Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, Tanzer. Its founder Jancis Robinson is considered ‘the most respected wine critic and journalist in the world’.

Being our wines made by one of the best female winemakers in Spain, it became one of our goals that our wines were rated by the most important female wine guru.

With their permission, we sent the requested samples (only from wines made with native Iberian grape varieties), and this is what the results are:

The 6 wines evaluated were Coloma Graciano, Coloma Garnacha Selección, Finca el Colmenar, Coloma Cuvée and White wines Coloma Muscat and newly launched Extremadura indigenous grape varietal Coloma Alarije.

All the wines received between 16 and 16.5 Points, which for the magazine corresponds with the SUPERIOR category, similar to obtaining 91-92 points in a 100 point scale system (used by Parker, Wine Spectator).

These scores reflect the value of our wines in the worldwide wine scene, even more so if we compare with the rest of Spanish wines assessed during 2020.

Jancisrobinson.com does not rate wines massively, but only wines chosen after a rigourous selection. Proof of that is that among the 300 Spanish wines tasted between January and August this year, the vast majority are High Level wines (“Reserva, Gran Reserva, Selección, Author wines, etc.) with high-end prices, well above those of Coloma, which in this sense are unbeatable in the list.

Como yo nadie te amará. El amor verdadero es puro y auténtico cada día, disfruta con Vino siempre.


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