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Harvest report 2013

August has arrived and one more year the Grape Harvest starts at Coloma Vineyards and Winery, always with the same spirit of self-improvement in order to make the best possible wine based on this land’s weather and terroir. In our case, quality standards are determined by our viticulturist, cellar master and winemaker: Amelia Coloma.

According to Amelia, this year’s harvest was about two weeks delayed due to the abundant rainfall and lower than average temperatures during the Spring season. “Generally speaking, it has been a complicate year, with delayed maturation depending on the grape variety; but the vineyard looks in excellent shape and that no doubt will bring excellent quality wines”.

The first varieties to be harvested were Muscat and Pinot Noir, with which we make Coloma Muscat and Coloma Rosé Pinot Noir.

The harvest of the white grapes and those on trellises is done at night from 10-11 pm until 7 in the morning, taking advantage of the lower temperatures so that the grapes are picked in perfect condition.

In the case of old bush vineyards, harvest is done manually in the early morning around 6 am and until 11 before noon, also to avoid the warmest hours of the day.

This year’s harvest season brought some moments of tension, due to the fact that some abnormal hailstorms hit the Guadiana valley towards the end of September. “It could have ruined our harvest”, says Amelia Coloma, pointing out that other nearby fruit orchards were severely damaged. “Hailstorms are a more common weather phenomenon in the Northern regions of Spain like Ribera del Duero and Rioja, but it usually does not affect us since our grape harvest is earlier”.

Indeed a grape harvest always brings moments of pressure, high tension and hectic work in the vineyard and winery. A grape harvest is like a final exam, in which winemakers need to constantly prove their skill. A strenuous effort which is often compensated with a final great wine…the piece of art which reflects a year-long dedication.

About the vintage 2013, we may finally mention that it was not suitable for impatient people; with slow maturation and lower production yield of the red varieties but great quality overall; we truly expect the Vintage 2013 to be remembered because of its quality.

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